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PM5: Poster holders for use with slatwall 

Slatwall Accessories:

  • Acrylic poster holders (pockets / sleeves / wallets / ticket holders) made to fit slatwall

Product Code PM5-A4P
Price (excl. VAT) £3.53

Poster size

Slatwall Pockets: Product Selection

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Slatwall Pockets: Main Featuresslatwall pocket detail

  • Use these dispensers in conjunction with slatwall to display your posters or information sheets
  • Slatwall pockets are made from 2-3mm clear acrylic, depending on the size of the poster
  • They hook into standard slat wall as shown
  • The smaller pockets are folded across the whole width of the holder, and the wider ones just have tabs at either end to fit the slatwall

Slatwall Pockets: Variations

We can also make:

  • Slatwall pockets in bespoke sizes
  • Other slatwall accessories (shelves, leaflet holders etc)
  • Slatwall poster holders in a more robust material, or at a specified thickness