Poster Holders Free Standing

PF6A: Acrylic poster holders on window sill bar stands 

Window Sill Poster Displays:

  • Flexible double-sided displays designed for window sills
  • Clear acrylic (plastic) pockets to display posters, detail cards or advertisements
  • Poster holders are clamped to stainless steel bars 750mm or 1m tall on a 200mm deep weighted base

Product Code PF6A-1000-2A4P-3D
Price (excl. VAT) £115.45

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Window Sill Poster Display: Main Features

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PLEASE ENQUIRE if the combination you are looking for is not available.

Window Sill Poster Display: Main Features

  • Free standing
  • Double-sided
  • There are options to suit the display of one or many posters, large or small
  • A weighted base 500x200mm is designed to fit on a standard window sill and supports two different widths of holders as standard
  • Supported on 10mm diameter stainless steel bars, 750mm or 1m high
  • On a weighted base powder coated in silver-grey

Window Sill Poster Display: Components

Kits include:

  • 'Clamp on' poster holders or pockets (double-sided, fabricated from clear acrylic) for easy access to change posters
  • 10mm diameter stainless steel bars - either 750mm or 1m high
  • Powder-coated steel bases
  • Assembly instructions

Full details of dimensions and spacings can be found in the INSTALLATION GUIDE.

Window Sill Poster Display: Floor Stands

Image PF6-4D-A4P

Floor stands are also available:

  • 1500mm (almost 5') high, available for 3 different width of poster holders
  • E.g. 4x A4 portrait poster holders on 10mm bar stand (right)

Window Sill Poster Display: Variations

PLEASE ENQUIRE if you need a bespoke version of this display.
We can provide variations including:

  • Stands with leaflet holders, 'snap' frames, signs or directories
  • Stands with holders for bespoke poster holder heights
  • For large quantities - bespoke displays of different heights, or to accommodate posters of different widths to those listed