Poster Holders Free Standing

PF3A: Upright ladder displays (for hook-over poster holders) 

Flexible floor standing display ladder, ideal for displaying details of property, jobs, holidays and many other products and services in windows or internally:

  • Very popular where wide spans are required
  • Clear acrylic poster holders hook over the ladder rungs
  • Standard product suits A4 portrait, A3 landscape and A2 portrait, but other sizes available to order
  • Easy to swap and change - simply move holders around to refresh a display

Product Code PF3A-1990-4A5D-SM
Price (excl. VAT) £425.80

Height of posts
Number across
Number down

Upright Ladder Displays: Product Selection

PLEASE USE THE DROP-DOWN BOXES ABOVE to view the drawing and price of the display ladder you require, such as those below, by altering the 'bases', 'height of posts', 'number across' and 'number down':

Upright ladder display 25x A4P large basesUpright ladder display 10x A4P single base1500mm upright ladder display with 9x A4P posters on single baseupright ladder display with 40x A4P small baseswall ladder display with 15x A4P

PLEASE ENQUIRE if the combination you are looking for is shown as not available.

Upright Ladder Displays: Main Features

  • Aluminium frame is ideally suited for displaying posters in a window or in a reception area
  • easy to refresh - hook posters on and off whenever and wherever you like!
  • Double-sided
  • Often used where suspended displays are not possible, practical or desirable
  • Add extra rows later, where space is available
  • Rows are fully height-adjustable
  • Flexible and movable
  • Allow a wide area to be spanned
    The rigidity of the cross-bars means that no intermediate upright supports are required.  A display up to 2 metres wide can be achieved between a single pair of support posts


The height of the display is as selected.  

Overall widths (including whichever bases are selected) are shown below.

Full details of dimensions and spacings can be found in the installation guide.

  Number of A4P across     Overall width of display (including bases(s))
    With small bases   With large base(s)
2 586mm 600mm (single base)
3 806mm 800mm (single base)
4 1026mm 1326mm
5 1246mm 1546mm
6 1466mm 1766mm
7 1686mm 1986mm
8 1906mm 2206mm

Upright Ladder Displays: Components

The following components are supplied as part of the kit: image PM3-A4P

  • Upright posts and circular cross-bars [rungs] in satin-anodised aluminium
    Posts are 50mm in diameter
    Rungs are 25mm in diameter
    Rungs are used in pairs - holders hook over the top rung of a pair and rest against the bottom rung
  • End caps for posts
  • Powder-coated weighted base(s) 
    Bases vary in size according to the option chosen
    They are made in 8mm thick mild steel, powder-coated in silver-grey [RAL 7001]
  • Clear acrylic holders to hook posters over the rungs of the display ladder
  • By default, we supply the ladder displays with A4 portrait holders, but swap any pair for an A3 landscape holder or any four for an A2 portrait one. The price is not affected
  • Posters placed back-to-back are visible on both sides of the display, although on the back, a band of 20-25mm at the top and the bottom of the poster is obscured by the rung. Extra holders are available separately
  • The only tools required for assembling these displays are two allen keys, which are supplied.

Upright Ladder Displays: Display Range

The Shop Display Systems 'ladder' range includes:

  • Free standing displays (upright, lay-back and combi)
  • Wall displays
  • Suspended displays

Just CLICK ON A PICTURE for further details:

A LIT version of this Upright Ladder is also available.

Additional and replacement holders are available separately.

Upright Ladder Displays: Variations

PLEASE ENQUIRE for bespoke versions of this display.

Shop Display Systems can provide variations including:

  • Displays including A4 portrait and/or A3 landscape and/or A2 portrait holders 
  • Displays to accommodate different or bespoke sizes of poster holder
  • Displays of different heights or widths
  • Displays with different bases (smaller to sit on window sills or larger for extra stability)
  • Displays replacing some or all poster holders with leaflet dispensers