Poster Holders Free Standing

PF26: 1.5m snap frame poster stands 

Versatile and easy-to-assemble information stands used to display posters, adverts or information

Change most poster holders between portrait and landscape
(*A4 landscape cannot be changed to portrait)

  • Easy to change posters
  • Snap frames fixed to stainless steel bars
  • Easily add extra holders, leaflet dispensers or signs 

Product Code PF26-A3L-3D-DS
Price (excl. VAT) £164.45

Poster holders: size & number

1.5m Snap Frame Poster Stands: Product Selection

PLEASE USE THE DROP-DOWN BOXES ABOVE to view the drawing and price of the display you require, such as those below, by altering the 'Poster holders: size & number', and 'visibility': 

PLEASE ENQUIRE if the combination you are looking for is not available.

A DOUBLE-SIDED stand looks the same from either side:



A SINGLE-SIDED stand has snap frames on only one side:

2x A3 snap frame on stand single-sided mounted portrait2x A3 snap frame os stand single-sided mounted portrait - back view

Front and back views of a single-sided stand.  These have 2x A3 snap frames, mounted portrait.

1.5m Snap Frame Poster Stands: Main Features

  • Easy to assemble
    2 sizes of allen key are required for assembly. These are supplied with each order
  • Snap frames make posters easy to change
  • You can use most sizes of snap frames either portrait or landscape, or swap from one to the other!
    (Note that A4 frames can only be used landscape)
  • Floor standing
  • 1.5m tall (approximately 5 feet)

1.5m Snap Frame Poster Stands: Components

  • 'Snap' frames

    • Satin anodised aluminium (silver) finish
    • Mitred corners
    • PVC front sheet
    • 1.5mm back
    • 25mm frame width
  • 10mm diameter stainless steel bars, 1500mm high**
    very nearly 5 feet tall 
    **Bars are 1500mm long, but for ease of transport we can provide them as 2 x 750mm lengths which screw together, if you prefer. This adds £10 to the cost of a stand
  • Fixings to attach the snap frames to the bars
    The snap frames are supplied with 2 different sets of fixing points, so that they can be attached to be landscape or portrait, or can later be changed between the two formats
  • Oval bases in silver-grey (RAL 7001)
    Bases are made in 6mm thick mild steel, and are powder-coated. They are 400 x 300mm  and  weighing just under 4.5kg.


1.5m Snap Frame Poster Stands: Display Range  

Look at more products in the 10mm bar stand range, including printed panels (signs), poster holders and leaflet dispensers. Mix and match these to create the perfect display!

1.5m Snap Frame Poster Stands: Variations 

PLEASE ENQUIRE if you need a bespoke version of this snap frame display.
Shop Display Systems can provide variations including:

  • Stands with leaflet holders, 'snap' frames, signs or directories
  • Stands with different heights of acrylic poster holders
  • Window sill poster displays, which are shorter, and have narrower bases to suit window sill use

We can also make:

  • Bespoke displays of different heights, with different accessories or in different colours.  
  • Branded displays.

Full details of dimensions and spacings can be found in the INSTALLATION GUIDE.

Made in Britain by SDSBecause we manufacture these displays in our own factory (in Hampshire), we can produce a bespoke version of this display to your requirements. Just ask!