HAIR and BEAUTY Table Tops

LT1: Table top leaflet dispensers (brochure holders) 

Counter Top Leaflet Dispensers:

  • Displays to hold leaflets, appointment cards, brochures, pamphlets, booklets etc, so that these can be taken by customers
  • Ideal for hair and beauty salons, hairdressers, nail bars etc

Product Code LT1-TA4P-1-J
Price (excl. VAT) £1.15

Leaflet Size
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leaflet dispensers (brochure holders):

  • Clear and stand on table, desk, counter or shelf, with an option to have multiple tiers
  • Excellent value
  • Sizes (all ex stock):
    • Third A4 portrait (or DL)
    • A5 portrait and landscape
    • A4 portrait and landscape
    • Business card holders
  • Injection moulded

Boxed leaflet dispensers for savingsFor even BETTER VALUE dispensers, please look at our discounted BULK BUY DISPENSERS - the same dispensers can be bought from us in full boxes, SAVING 20%!

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Surface Mount Leaflet Dispensers:

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Floor stands with leaflet dispensers and poster holders.

Site anywhere and offer variety with a mix of leaflet dispensers (brochure holders) and poster holders.

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